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Hyundai WIA Corp, Protects Nuclear Powerplant From Illegal Drones

Four-party MOU on illegal drone intrusion into national infrastructure
Fixed anti-drone integrated defense system development plan

Hyundai WIA has announced on 16th of November 2023 that Hyundai WIA has signed Memorandum of Understanding between KEPCO Knowledge Data & Network Co., Ltd (KDN), KEPCO E&C and TORIS SQUARE Co., Ltd on “ Development of Technology and business development for Anti-drone total solution from illegal drones in National Infrastructure Systems” on 15th of November at Hyundai WIA headquarters in Changwon, Gyeongnam.

The MOU includes cooperation in developing Anti-drone total solution technology for protecting National Infrastructure Systems, business development, operation and maintenance as well exports between four companies. For the MOU ceremony, Ho-Young Lee Vice-President of Hyundai WIA Corp. Heung-Gu Yoon, Vice-President of KEPCO KDN, Yong-Soo Kim, Executive Vice President of KEPCO E&C and Jong-Soo Kim, Chief Executive Officer of TORIS SQUARE has attended the ceremony.

For the first time in Korea, Hyundai WIA will embark on developing shelter based Anti-Drone System (ADS) specifically designed to meet requirements for nuclear power plant. Thus, in cooperation with KEPCO E&C, Hyundai WIA will contribute in drafting ‘ ISO (International Organization for Standardization) on ADS for nuclear power plant construction and operation’ and Hyundai WIA will cooperate with KEPCO KDN on interconnecting technology between monitoring and controlling illegal drones and security system.

At the same time, Hyundai WIA will enhance their hard-kill system Remote Control Weapon System (RCWS) in accordance with the requirements for nuclear power plant. RCWS is a hard-kill system that directly neutralizes target using 40mm cluster or streamer ammunition on their ADS. Within this hard-kill system, Hyundai WIA is planning to add Jammer (Soft-kill) that disrupt radio frequency of the drone. Further, the company plans to conduct additional development on detecting and tracking drones using radar and electro optical (EO).

Hyundai WIA personnel has commented that “ we are proud to be a participant for protection of National Infrastructure Systems program. We will develop a robust ADS total solution to deter threats from drones.”

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