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TORIS SQUARE Anti-Drone Radar Brand, Elijah

Elijah is the brand name of TORIS SQUARE's AI AESA radar, and is a key product of anti-drone solutions.


World’s best detection range & tracking performance


Superior object identification & analysis through AI


System integration based on outstanding interoperability


Proven product performance & reliability

World’s best detection range & tracking performance

" Detection Range is the core of radar technology. "

Detection Range 3km
Selected as outstanding achievements of the year by the Ministry of Science and ICT
Detection Range 5km
Defense Acquisition Program Administration rapid pilot acquisition project
Detection Range 8km
Completed pilot evaluation and delivery of drone detection radar to the Defense Acquisition Program Administration (Army 2, Navy 1, Air Force 1)
Detection Range 10km
Elijah2.0 Total Solution Development
Maximum Detection Range of 13km
Performance test completed

" Stable tracking and response to large cluster drones. "

Elijah Radar succeeded in detecting, identifying, and tracking a drone with an RCS 0.03m² at a distance of 13km and a micro-drone with an RCS 0.01m² at a distance of 10km. In addition, drones flying in various routes, such as approach and departure targets, and crossing targets, were tracked and maintained without missing a single time.

[Situation 1]

DJI Matrice 600,
Approx. 13km Detection – Identification - Tracking

[Situation 2]

DJI Matrice 600,
Short-range and cross-flight Detection – Identification – Tracking

[Situation 3]

DJI Phantom 4,
Micro-drone Approx. 10km Detection – Identification – Tracking

Superior Object Identification & Analysis through AI

" AI judgment algorithm (*GANs) perfectly distinguishes drones and birds,
as well as vehicles, ships, and clouds. "

*GANs(Generative Adversarial Networks) :
A deep learning model in which the generator and discriminator improve accuracy through mutual learning of the target.

System Integration based on Outstanding Interoperability

"Creating a single system
provides seamless system integration with other systems. "

Deployment of the Republic of Korea Army, Navy, and Air Force

2021 Defense Acquisition Program Administration Rapid Pilot Acquisition Project

A total of 4 sets of Elijah Radars are in operation

Hyundai Wia ADS Integrated Control Operation Console

Comprehensive Control System for Drone Detection, Identification, Tracking, and Neutralization

Installation of Elijah 2 Radar and Integrated Control Operation Console

Interworking with RCWS of
Hyundai Wia ADS

Remote Control Weapon System (RCWS)

Elijah 2 Radar and EO/IR Camera Interworking

Proven Product Performance & Reliability

" Performance was verified through Defense Acquisition Program
Administration test evaluation, actual deployment, and various field tests. "


Selected for Korea Defense Acquisition Program Administration’s Rapid Trial Acquisition Project

Contracted with
5km Detectable Radar


Delivered to the Republic of Korea Armed Forces
(Anti-Drone Radar System, 4 Sets, Elijah Radar 1)

Delivered with 8km
Detectable Radar

2021.07. - 08.

Army test and evaluation team conducts field tests

Delivered with 8km
Detectable Radar

2021.07. - 12.

Completed field deployment for the Republic of Korea Army, Navy, and Air Force

Currently in operation as 8km Detectable Radar

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