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DGIST “Development of Drone Detection Radar Technology”

Capable of detection low-altitude drones with a radius of 200m

Daegu Geyongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST) has developed ultra-high resolution radar technology that detects drones, unmanned aerial vehicles, in urban areas.

DGIST announced on the 16th, “The research team from the IoT and Robotics Convergence Research Department has developed a technology to detect distant targets in real time using two radar reception channels for the first time in Korea.”

This technology is capable of detecting low-altitude unmanned aerial vehicles within a radius of 200m. Unlike existing systems that use many antennas to increase radar resolution, the technology combines two reception channels and signal processing technology to achieve miniaturization. This study was published last month in an academic journal in the radar field published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE).

The research team is conducting research with the goal of developing a system that can detect up to 10km range. It will also conduct joint research with domestic defense companies on multi-purpose small radars and civil-military radars. Senior researcher Dae-gun Oh said, “the radar technology system that controls unmanned aerial vehicles in urban areas, including privacy protection and safety management by drones, is attracting international attention,” and added, “We will continue research on smart unmanned control systems that are used in urban areas.”

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