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‘Anti-Drone Radar’ has been released to identify small drones with a range of 8km

Dr. Dae-gun Oh’s research team at DGIST develops the world’s best performance drone detection radar

A domestic research team has developed radar technology that can identify small drones from 8km away, and will be piloted for military use in June next year. 8km distance is currently the longest distance that a radar can detect a drone in the world. Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST) announced on the 17th that a research team led by Dr. Dae-gun Oh developed an active electronically scanned array (AESA) drone detection radar technology and was selected for the Defense Acquisition Program Administration’s rapid pilot acquisition project for the ‘Radar-linked anti-drone integrated solution.’

Last year, the research team developed the world’s highest performance drone detection radar with a range of 3km, and recently succeeded in increasing the detection range to 8km. In order to accurately track the location and speed of the drone, ‘multidimensional ultra-high resolution radar signal processing technology’ was applied.

Dr. Oh is preparing for commercialization by establishing TORIS, a startup company for DGIST researchers, while participating in the DAPA project. He said, “In the future, we will change the game in the drone detection radar market, mainly in the United States, Europe, and Israel.”

The rapid pilot acquisition project launched by the DAPA this year is a project to achieve national defense innovation by quickly introducing new technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution into the military. Among these, the ‘Radar-linked anti-drone integrated solution’ project aims to secure technology to detect small drones of enemy forces through radar and neutralize their functions by jamming radio disturbances.

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